Extend your mobile devices. 

Mobile devices come in many shapes and sizes, from many different and emerging manufacturers, having known and emerging functionality. Consumers across all age ranges have become more comfortable with surfing for content and making purchases via their mobile device.


Mobile banking will allow the successfull completion of authorised transactions via secure connections. Balances, transfers, and payments can all be made via the application interface of your mobile device.


Secure email solutions that are passphrase protected will guarantee that your confidential email is never disclosed to other parties, even if your mobile device is lost or stolen.


Bespoke Mobile Apps. (BMA) allowing streamline data capture of business.  Whether local, national or international data capture, mobile devices can assist in the automation of business flow process.  Logistics, stock control, conformity and quality reporting can all be captured, through many devices, all with standard user interfaces (UI), reporting to your favourite database engine and web browser. Futureproof  technology allows seamless portability to  tomorrow's devices.


Interactive QR Tags will become common place.  Imagine a dynamic QR Tag that contains, for instance, all your internet bookmarks, your contacts, or even your personal details. This information can be quickly consumed by most mobile devices, simply, by taking a picture.


NFC (Near Field Communication) enables a mobile device to be used for purchases, thus impacting the arena once the preserve of cash, and recently credit/debit cards. As the technology evolves into the consumer environment, NFC smart posters, for instance, will allow previously dormant revenue streams.


Antivirus, firewalls, password protected, and internet black lists are common place in the PC environment, but how will such protection be deployed, enabled, and managed to the world of mobile devices?